Music Biz: Drake is the first artist to reach 10 Billion Streams on Spotify

Drake’s last studio album in and of itself accounts for a decent chunk of those plays, having topped 2 billion streams by its own merits. He’s also got several heavy hitter singles that have helped him arrive at the remarkable plateau, including “Once Dance,” which has 1 billion plays all on its own.

While Views was released as an Apple Music exclusive, Drizzy’s camp announced this week that the new project will be streamed across platforms, which might actually empower it to dish units in a faster manner than Views did, although it doesn’t have the power singles that the last album had, behind it. [“Hotline Bling” completely broke the internet and truly took meme/vine generated singles popularity to new heights].

While nobody sharing in the company of having 10 billion streams is quite an achievement, Drake has actually been Spotify’s top guy for nearly a year already, ever since it was announced that he had surpassed Justin Bieber as the service’s most streamed artist ever, back in May of 2016.