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New: Add your song to Pandora Radio playlist for 2018. Plus upload and sell your music on Itunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify, Tidal, and more

Add Your Music to Pandora Radio for 2018 via Songcast Distribution

Pandora has announced they’ll be launching a new service in last year, in early 2017, branded as Pandora Premium and all SongCast artists who opt-in will be included! The new Pandora Premium On-Demand music service will compete right along with other music services such as Spotify and Apple Music. This is an enhancement to original Pandora, an Internet Radio Service where you create a station based on an artist or track you like. Pandora Premium will allow the listener to search and playback any song on Pandora, without limits.

Yes, that’s right. Pandora will now be offering a fully On-Demand music service similar to Apple Music and Spotify where music fans may listen to exactly what they want, when they want!

What this Means for You as a SongCast Artist

Most importantly, it guarantees your music will be uploaded to Pandora Premium and available to all listeners who subscribe to the new offering. Pandora will continue to curate their original radio service just as they always have. There is no guarantee you will be included in the original service, but we will upload your music to Pandora none the less, and will now be fully delivered to Pandora with the opportunity to be included in all of their music service offerings. Our new partnership with Pandora will enable us to give our artists maximum exposure across the Pandora platform with new revenue streams not previously had. SongCast will collect royalties on your behalf and pay to your account, just as we do with all other music services we have agreements with.

For more details and to include your music to Pandora’s Radio Playlist, and Music Distribution, Sign up with SongCast Distribution