Artist Spotlight– D.C. Native and Rapper Younglo The Man Keeps Music Scene Alive with Recent Release of “The Beginning”

LOS ANGELES, CA – The 14 street area of Columbia Heights in Washington D.C. have been home to Hip-Hop artist Younglo The Man for 27 years. Younglo’s childhood stands out, as it served as the inception of what would later become a full-fledged musical career. At the ripe age of 10 years old, Younglo became increasingly enamored by music and instruments, with a honed focus on the piano as the artist has been playing since then. As the rapper started hanging around his older cousin during his studio sessions, he knew he wanted to delve deeper into rapping. At the age of 14, he did just that.

As Younglo can recall his unwavering passion for the musical arts, he knew he had to somehow get his foot through the door to blossom his career further. As he remained diligent in writing his own songs during his studio sessions, he caught the attention of his surrounding family and friends as they were instantly wowed by his potential. In order to elevate his career, he collaborated with his friends in their collective, artistic management group called “BSE: Brainstorming Enterprises”. When Younglo dropped his first major project titled “Catch a Charge” in January of 2016, he instantly teamed up with a videographer to bring his artistic vision for the record to life. Younglo deeply enjoyed the visuals that were produced from the project, and stayed committed to growing his rap career.

Things continued taking off for the rapper, specifically when he joined forces with D.C.’s Goo Glizzy from Glizzy Gang on the track titled “Fake Ass N****s”. It’s no surprise that the song was a major hit all over, especially as it included a feature from local comedian Loso Black. This track broke records digitally, as it was greeted with an overwhelming response via WorldstarHipHop. At this point, Younglo was confident that his career was headed in the right direction though he didn’t become complacent.

In March of this year, Younglo dropped his popular mixtape “The Beginning”, in which DJ Chophead hosted. The artist has already put his music video plans in motion, specifically with the visuals for “In My Way” and “I Know It’s Worth It”. As Younglo truly believes his nonstop grinding and hard work is the key to success, he is already working on his next project that is due out in early fall.

“I want to show people they can put their mind to anything and make it happen,” said the rapper. He has so many personal motivators, with his 8 year-old son being at the forefront, which drives him even further in his career. “I want to build a path for him as he gets older, he will have an opportunity to be his own boss”, said the rapper. The 27 year old, independent artist has a mission to be successful for his family, and he closely adheres to it daily.

Younglo’s music is available on TIDAL, iTunes, Google Play and Soundcloud. Make sure to follow him on his social media here!

Instagram: @younglo_theman/
Twitter: @YoungLo202