Artist Spotlight: Interview with emerging recording artist Antonio Blue

Give us some a little background info as to who you are.    

I grew up in the small fast city called Portland Oregon, I was raised by my grandparents who I knew as my mother and father, he was a marine who fought in the war, she was into ministry. It was strict in my home but it taught me a lot, in which I would need and use later in life. The jewels they gave me, and the way they raised me helped me be the man I’ve become. They would always show me off and have me singing and dancing.

When I was born they were already older, by the time I reached 13, they were passing away of old age. I gravitated towards the hood, and started looking up to those in the struggle. I made some mistakes but I decided I would go back towards my roots, getting more into my word and connection with god, and becoming fully devoted to my craft and talent of entertaining large crowds. I knew they wanted this for me; my biological mom and dad were street hustlers unable to raise me.

My biological mother tragically was killed and father successfully playing night clubs and touring his skills. As an orphan, I knew only the streets but I kept faith in god, and I stayed doing music. I never gave up. I went through jails, foster homes, and deaths to get here. I know where I don’t want to go back to. After living comfortably, all legally, it feels good to roll a blunt and cook a pot roast whenever you want.

My roots consist of ministry and military. I was raised by a marine which makes me very sharp and dangerous. They taught me things of value like discipline and self-respect, without integrity who are you? I see the good in people and look past the bad unless they are really stuck in that place. At 13 I ran the streets so hard I lost all my peers to destruction and nearly lost myself. My hood can tell you I have changed incredibly and you really can’t tell I was once a gang leader who changed to save his people.

Antonio BlueWhat is your USP? (Unique Selling Proposition) and what sets you apart from other artists?

I guess mind is the charisma and the entertaining nature I possess. I’d gladly give you a cd for free but as I mention earlier, I went through so much just to get to the point where I can be heard, I came from a place where I couldn’t even feed myself. No one would help me eat or survive,only the streets. I had no family ever stand up for me, I know the environment my family was placed in, they couldn’t even help themselves. So I broke free of everything- friends, family and foes. I couldn’t even get a friend or family member to support my music. Everyone is so envious, instead of figuring out what works for you and how you can be involved by contributing, you get a whole bunch of ungrateful self servant sense of entitlement people and nothing goes as planned. I dedicated myself to music, all my money would go into product, my music, I needed that documented even if it took my last cent.

When people see me willing to drop the price, they know i’m not just in it for the fame ,money and girls, I don’t do it for that. I do it for the thrill of pleasing the crowd, my way of giving back, making people enjoy themselves and giving them a part of me know one can imagine. The impactfulness and all the energy and love I put into my work. This helps people support me. All i have is music, all i do is music.

I’m still alive and with my sanity because of music, all the lives I have lost and woman I have failed, the lady I meant to cherish who i lost. The siblings I once had, the music helped me stay sane through it all. The music is why people buy it. The whole package is hard to find and the whole package is what god gave to me. For someone who isn’t only catering to one ethnic group there’s enough love for everyone over here.

What single or project are you currently pushing?

I’m currently pushing “give into me”. You should hear that online on satellite and internet radio, college and local. But I love the whole cd; you can totally play it all the way through. Its straight highway music, relax, grab a bite, pour some wine, and sit by the fireplace. Enjoy great music by Antonio blue. The cd is called love or lust, you can get it online and you can follow me all over.

What is the philosophy by which you live by?

Do unto others as you want done to you, all I have is my bravery and my word; I keep it as real as it gets. If I love you than I’ll do whatever to make sure everyone is safe and happy. But if you betray me, all that mister nice guy goes out the window. I can be your best friend or worst nightmare, however I consider myself to be a very great person, being someone who outreaches to the ones caught in the struggle, and when I’m not busy with music I rescue animals. You don’t know many hood people left the game with a clean good name, that devoted themselves strictly to helping others sort of like a care giver or doctor.

After my dream of getting through to the world with my music. My inspiration is to become a full fledge dog vet and rescuer. Being the son of a marine I value everything in life now. I just want to be all I can, for many years I didn’t understand, I was blind but now can see.

Antonio Blue featured on the source
Antonio Blue featured on the source

Talk to us about your Music Business experience and the West Coast Hip Hop Awards.

I learned music at a very young age from Reggie leduff; he is a manager/musician/accountant. He would teach me how to feel my way around in a studio, how to sing in proper pitch and how not to be redundant. Than we split up for many years, but I would take the passion and go to school for music theory, music tech and radio broadcasting. I became a legend around U.S.A. and I’d do underground hooks for underground cats trying to make it mainstream.

The west coast hip hop awards is an award show from Oakland California. It is supported by some of your favorite rich rappers. This is an opportunity for the people in the struggle where music really comes from to have a real chance to be seen and exposed. This reminds me of the Apollo theatre because you can be booed off stage or just totally neglected and ignored. If you think you’re hot and you’re not, don’t get on that stage. It can be a competition or just platform for artist to be seen. It usually consist of 5,000 people.

You can apply online. I won twice, and probably will win again and again if I was able to make every year, this year I’ll be out the country on tour around that time. I’m in my own category; I do r&b, not pop. Not funk. You have your king of funks and your prince of pop, I’m just me. You can see me around guys like Maxwell and prince.

If you could change one thing about the music industry what would it be and why?

I’d change the music, because they changed it from the best it could ever be, if you get guys like temptations and Smokey Robinson, Ray Charles, Little Richard. These are the creators and innovators. Jimi Hendrix is the best of all time, not Elvis, not beetles, although those guys are great they are not Jimi. Lol

Now if this guy could play behind his back over his head on his chin and create music that still no one competes in selling, I’d consider him one of the forefathers, you should take some notes. The hate in today’s music is real; the image they are portraying to the world is gruesome, if that’s what you’re about just make sure to not allow that to consume your music. To much self hate,racism, should be therapeutic.


Which artists have inspired you?

Prince/ MJ / Eddie Ruffin / Smokey Robinson/ Maxwell/ Ginuwine

I have mad respect for all these cats here, like on another level. I’m a music lover but I have grown tremendously from these singers.

Who does your production?

I do my own production, but I’ve been known to go all around and create, I’m the glue that puts it together and holds it tight.

Are there any singers that you would like to collaborate with in the future?

CB/ Mario/ Jaheim/ Tyrese/ Ashanti/ Alicia keys/ Case/ Tank/ Jeremiah maybe bruno/ definitely Keith Sweet/ Johnny Gill and Gerald Levert. Got to have the Isley’s

Whoever may be interested, you can see me perform live all around TX, from Houston to Dallas, to Jasper to Beaumont. Just keep your eyes and ears open for me..Thanks for the love, I appreciate it.

What is your website or contact info?

(King Rawzky on fb, twitter, Instagram

Any final words for the people?

I’d like you to keep old-school r&b alive. Take a drift into pleasure and bliss with me; forget your worries, the lost and the hurt for one moment. Let a pretty song connect you with joy in that special place everyone wants us to evade. I know for some of us we feel life is too hard, but god will only give you so much, remember fate is in your own hands, don’t fumble, dribble, dribble, dribble…love and respect to all. Your boy the rising star.

I’m getting famous now and it’s exciting. I want to thank you for supporting me and all that I do. It’s for a good cause. I’m not the one who will let you down, sincerely antonio pettyjohnblue