Artist Spotlight: (Videos) Check out Don Chino Featured in Two Videos.

Don Chino is a transplant from the warm, tropical streets of Puerto Rico to the cold, hard streets of Middle-town, New York. Puerto Rico’s varied musical influences set their mark on the young artist at an early age. Bred with a daily dose of global sounds and rhythms, the broad base found in Don Chino’s varied writing and vocal style, range from his mother’s church influences to the cold hard street hustle.

The harsh NY lifestyle for his single mother ended tragically, making the street his only option to avoiding entry into the State’s foster system and enduring the harsh treatment of orphaned youth. With life on the run, the 14yr old became quite clear of the realities he must now meet on his own, setting out not only survive, but to win at life. Music gave the “hook master” the perfect outlet to gain respect in the streets as he learned to maneuver his flare for prose that is now taking his melodic hooks to all new heights.

His mother’s death forced Don Chino to depend on music as his companion through the horrible and not so horrible. Yet, it was those experiences that created the content and drive for his music passion as he gained momentum and attention from successful influences like Dj Rikiton and Black Key Entertainment. Chino learned a great deal and as a result refined his vision for his artistic goals.

With a growing fan base, broadening musical style and clear vision, Chino was signed to GoldToes Entertainment’s management team which created immediate momentum pairing Don Chino with seasoned artists like Baby Bash. The combination was fire and two new singles, “The Plug on Maria,” and the Spanish language, “La Cama,” were created scratching the surface of Don Chino’s bilingual writing ability and the vibe this writer, rapper and singer delivers. A strong follow-up to a successful release of “On My Way (OMW,” with AG Cubano, Don Chino is positions to rise quickly smashing lyrical, melodic verses and those sexy, sexy hooks!

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