[Music] Have you heard the infectious passion of rising hiphop artist Adamant @Adamant_1988 single “Make It Okay”


Rapper Earl Lee Allen was born—and raised—in Hammond, Indiana, but currently resides in San Antonio, Texas, a city ripe with hip-hop talent and history. While he enjoys his work a supervisor at a juvenile treatment center, making music is his ‘true’ passion. “I believe the music I create is relate-able and can make a positive impact in someone’s life,” he says. He describes his music as having a therapeutic approach to it—it’s conscience, thought provoking material. 

“I enjoy writing and performing spoken word,” says Earl, who began with poetry base before transitioning into writing hip-hop over soulful instrumentals. He initially became inspired by his younger brother, Rico Loso—an artist who has been crafting material for years. He’s quick to acknowledge that his biggest influences and motivating factors, though, are his adoring wife and daughter. “My aim is to make music my kids can be proud of–[music] that will make them proud to say that’s my dad.” 

To date, the relatively new artist has released numerous songs, most notably, “More Than Life,” “LOVE ME,” “Piece Of Heaven’,” “Make it Okay” and “Going Nowhere.” He’s currently working on a collaboration with his brother, which he hopes his fans will love. “My goal is to network with artists, producers, and bloggers,” says Earl of his foreseeable future. His passion and love for he does is infectious—and his future in the industry is bright. Earl Lee Allen is an artist to keep your eyes on in 2017.