New Music: Dizzy Wright “They Know Why” Video

There hasn’t been much of a respite for Dizzy Wright upon the release of his new EP, The 702. It’s been out for just over a week, and he has already come through with a brand new song and video, entitled “They Know Why.” He claims that he wrote the song, recorded it, mixed it, and then shot and edited the music video in less than 24 hours. What a grind. “I hope this touched your heart,” he told his fans of “They Know Why.”

The track is an inspired response to last week’s police killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. The video includes news footage of the aftermath of both incidents. Dizzy reflects on the dangerous climate that his people are currently living in, warning them, “Martial law is comin’, get familiar / Donald Trump ain’t no different from Hitler.” He also addresses the killing of Trayvon Martin by the acquitted George Zimmerman. The song’s title is an answer to all the rhetorical questions Dizzy asks with his lyrics, such as, “How you see us scream, but you ain’t hear us?” He fully believes that the powers perpetrating such injustice upon the disenfranchised are fully aware of their own intentions.

Dizzy Wright drops a new song and video, “They Know Why,” in response to last week’s police murders.


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