New Music: Young Lito Fires back at Troy Ave with diss track

In the track released Wednesday, Lito brings up the 2016 incident in which his former friend Troy Ave was shot in the leg during a T.I. show at Irving Plaza. Troy Ave went on to accuse Lito of running away instead of sticking around to help.

Reference Troy Ave shows video footage of young lito running during shooting

“Tell me you just out here gettin’ shot / You call my phone crying like a thot / But you diss me on your records, n***a stop,” spits Lito on the track. He then goes on to recount his version of what went down that fateful night.

“You took an L. You got shot, you got robbed…your Jesus piece–n***as took that. You got your man killed…and you fightin’ a case n***a, that’s L over L n***a…”

Hear the full diss track up top.