Press Release: Stream The “Everyday” Album by Milena


Milena, London based singer/song-writer and piano player, has released her second album “Everyday”, after years of performing for various function bands, jazz ensembles and recording backing vocals for many musicians across the UK.

This album “Everyday” is funky pop, with a dance, jazzy, classical fusion, and is about love, and life, and issues in society.  All 8 tracks have been written and composed by Milena and produced by Nikola Kovacevic.

The opening song, “He”, is about being contented with being alone, and then finding a soulmate.  The vocals carry the track to a long piano outro solo, played in the style of “Snarky Puppy”, with Nikola Kavacevic, arranger and producer at the keyboards.

“Sunshine” reflects Milena’s unique funky jazzy style, and “Everyday”, is the club dance track on the album.  Its long intro, beautiful vocal harmonies and catchy lyrics, will get your toes tapping.

“Thinking Of You” has a 90’s flavour featuring guest vocalist Lisabel.  It’s girly lyrics and a girly conversation between two friends.

“I Know” is repeated, once as a dance track and then as the closing track on the album.  The acoustic piano version was recorded live in a single take, and demonstrates Milena’s concert classical and jazz piano abilities.

“Happy” describes the writer and is a self-explanatory track.  “I Won’t Give Up” is heavily influenced by Milena’s Montenegrin roots.  It’s a modern fusion of Eastern tones and 7/8 rhythm, with Milena’s native singing.

The album “Everyday” is now available on all major music platforms

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Everyday remixes – one of which is being cooked up by Nick Van Gelder (ex-Jamiroquai, Akimbo)

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Live shows and gigs planned from September 2017

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