Artist Spotlight– Florida-Based Rapper Tuck Da Hood King to Soon Release “Money Addict”

LOS ANGELES, CA – Rap artist Tuck Da Hood King has been a boss about his business ever since he can remember. When asked about the time he discovered his passion for music, the artist remembers beginning rapping at the early age of 12 years old. Growing up, he stayed busy writing lyrics and rhymes, as he kept the fire alive in his soul for making good music.

Over the course of his life, Tuck Da Hood King often encountered some trials and tribulations, that ultimately molded him into he is today. When discussing his break from music, he remarked that this was crucial in perfecting his craft. The artist knew in order to be truly successful one day, he would have to make sacrifices in his business and not half-step anything he put his hands to. And, he did just that, as he remained committed to being the strongest businessman he could possibly be.

You could say the word “hustle” itself embodies who the artist truly is. “It’s not about money that people see in me,” said Tuck Da Hood King. “It’s about the hustle”. In fact, the artist has set himself up for so much greatness that the people around him look up to his said hustle. As Tuck Da Hood King does his own hustle “the right way”, he calls himself a money addict. Thus, his latest mixtape “Money Addict” commenced.

The St. Petersburg resident will be releasing “Money Addict” next month, which is a project that he is truly elated about. After the successful releases of his other songs “Switch Ya Lane” and “Stop Lying”, his fans have been anxious for more of his music.

If one this is certain, it’s how Tuck Da Hood King is a true, class-act artist. After appearing in Street Elements Magazine in addition to the frequent radio play he has garnered throughout major cities in Florida, the sky is the limit for this artist.

Make sure to stay tuned for the drop of “Money Addict”! You can stay connected with Tuck Da Hood King on his social media platforms below:

Twitter: @DahoodKing
Facebook: Tuckdahoodking/
Instagram: @tuck_dahood_king/
YouTube: Tuckdahoodking/
Soundcloud: jay-jt-tee