Tyler R. Sciullo (August 29, 1997) is an entertainer from McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania. Tyler is an entertainer and at the young age of 19 decided to tackle all aspects of the industry. He developed the persona Ty Sciullo in an effort to set his place within the music realm. Since then he has been on a steady but largely progressive rise.

Ty’s first song release “COLD NIGHT” was an instant hit bringing in over 6000 plays on Spotify in 4 weeks. Followed by several other releases, Ty’s latest song “INSANITY-Produced by Tunnabeatz” blew up other night on YouTube bringing in over 5000 views/plays in 1 day! As of now Ty is being booked to preform his first Live show along with many several upcoming events. Ty will even be going on his first tour this summer co-headlining with Chrispy Light.

As of today we are still seeing Ty release singles onto his Soundcloud page, Spotify (NOW VERIFIED), iTunes, Google Play, ect. and has been underground working on his new album (no album title yet released), and have been working on many collabs with other up and coming artist. Ty’s chasing his dreams and we don’t see him stopping any time soon, In a short interview with Ty we asked him what made him so determined to make in the music industry and Ty couldn’t have given us a better response.

Ty- “Well growing up I saw how hard my family had to work to help support us, no matter how miserable they were. It killed me to see how they were stuck doing a job they had no passion for, and when I look to my future all I see is music, and if I can make something out of doing what I love then I’m gonna give in 200% until my last breath.

But its not just about the money you know, its more like the only way I can ever tell how I feel, basically a way of telling my story, I’ve lost people be it close friends, loved ones or even the “one”, and I’ve seen depression. At the end of the day though my music comes down to connecting with even 1 fan and letting know they aren’t alone.

Music is about bringing people together, there’s already too much hate in this world and connecting through similar situation and emotions, I’m gonna end with the Moto I live by everyday, “No Music No Life, but Know Music Know Life”. Thanks all I can really say”.

Being tired of peers telling him their dreams and how they were scared of chasing them due to being judged or any other reason. Ty decided to chase his own and prove to everyone that you to can do it. Follow his journey by following him on his social networks search Ty Sciullo everywhere to stay up to date.

Ty is an extraordinary humble person and crazy down to earth and we think well be playing his music even more now. Especially after we heard whats to come….hint (he’s only just starting).


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