New Music: Norwegian Artist Jimi Somewhere Drops Passionate Video for “Escape”

Norway has been delivering some of our favorite tracks this year. We’ve heard incredible tracks from artists like Sigrid, Ary, and Emma Jensen and today we are here with Jimi Somewhere.

Jimi is only 18 and hasn’t even graduated high school yet but already has his own magazine and with the help of producer Milo Orchis, creates pretty solid music. With “Escape,” Jimi gives listeners a chance to feel what a winter in Scandanavia. He told us, “Escape is about feeling lonely, stuck and in love. I wrote it during winter break last year. Winters in Norway are really dark and depressing and I just wanted to get away. Just be like anywhere else other than this cold, boring hometown where my house is. So I made something that reflected that.”


Check out “Escape” at the top of the page.

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