Artist- Earn Streaming Royalties From Spotify and Pandora platform.

Submit Today! Our Music Distribution partner SongCast will submit your music to major streaming platform such as Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, AmazonMP3, Google Play, Digital Radio stations and more. Royalties are earn when your song is played on Pandora and Spotify and those earning are passed on to “You” the artist. Sign up to Songcast today and they will get you all set up with music distribution to major stream platform and radio airplay.

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How Do I Make Money on Spotify?

Unlike physical or download sales, you earn royalties on Spotify whenever a consumer streams your song. Spotify pays a percentage of the monthly subscription or advertising revenue they receive from the advertiser or consumer. Your royalties are a proportional share of the subscription or advertising revenue they’ve received that month based on your total track plays. Because of this, the royalty received per track will vary month to month.


How do I get on Pandora through SongCast?

It’s quite simple actually. Just create an account on SongCast and start uploading your music to Pandora, and if you are accepted, you will receive royalty revenue through streaming plays. You may also choose to upload your music to iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon MP3 & more, but it’s not required. You may submit to Pandora only if you choose to. However, we recommend uploading your music to all music services on the SongCast platform for maximum royalty earnings and exposure.

What if my music is already uploaded to Pandora? That’s ok, your music will still be available on Pandora, but joining SongCast will allow you to participate in more of their service offerings and will also simplify royalty payments and playback statistics received from Pandora.