Producer K.E. on the track sparks beef with upcoming hip hop artist

“Super” producer K.E. on the track sparks beef with upcoming NC artist Jody Lo. Jody and K.E. had been discussing a collaboration and business partnership but a recent barrage of insults caused Jody to decline the offer. Jody Lo asked a question about promotion and K.E. responds by calling him an idiot and the beef got started from there. The screenshots are posted on Jody Lo’s official twitter and instagram (links at the end of this post) Jody Lo felt the need to record a diss song after the rant and I wouldn’t blame him after you read the disrespectful messages.

Look at them for yourself on Jody Lo’s twitter and instagram below:

the diss track is the last song on Jody Lo’s mixtape titled “No heart (K.E. on the track diss)” get the full mixtape along with the diss track here :