RMG has been taking the internet by storm. In 2 days the upcoming artist’s music video hit 23,000 views. The music video displays awareness for domestic violence. it starts as a couple in love and then things start taking the turn for the worst. This upcoming artist is under TNM by lady rayne mccloud. She created the whole song by her self. What is behind Toxic? we got to sit down with RMG herself and got the juice

Q: Tell me about what inspired toxic?

A: “Toxic was based on my past, the situation I was in with this person. I was not saying this person was toxic but the relationship became that, they are a good person and they have been supporting the song , and they have a good heart. When 2 people break eachothers heart and you talk months later at first it’s always anger at first but now we laugh at the little things  . we talk every now and then and we can laugh about anything like nothings changed. and of course it can be awkward when you know a person inside and out you’re just like you would not say that this isnt you hahaha I am never good with awkward conversations.  I have been busy with my promotion campaign so I try to respond as much as I can with this person ”

Q: Right completely understand, Like a Justin Bieber to Selena Gomez type of thing , I know how that feels Tell me about the domestic violence awareness in the video what made you want to promote this?

A: I been against domestic violence since I was a kid. Its a important subject that we all should be aware of. That’s exactly what I wanted to share and so maybe if that person is watching the video can call that number.

Q: I know your video is really capturing that, when you write music what is your process like?

A: “I find the beat and I hear it, and then I am just singing what I think what would fit and then I grab my iphone and start writing lyrics I try to make the song catchy as possible”

Q: I know you will be performing in The Underground AZ 11/19 6pm all ages welcome will you be bringing special guests?

A:” Yes I plan to bring dancers and really make sure I connect with everyone who supports me”

Q: When can we expect your next hit?

A:” I will drop a trap hip hop song before 11/19 to perform on tour and only those who go to the Underground can hear it First The track is called “MINDGAMES 101″  and new artists I am collabing with”

Q: “Where can people expect to hear Toxic”

A: Next week Toxic will be on Spotify, Itunes, Iheart radio and more and I will post that

Q: If you could tour with anyone in the world who would it be and why?

A:” Easy Selena Gomez and The weeknd they have the best personalities and I could vibe with them easily.

Q: Will we expect more shows?

A: Yes I have a booking agent who will be booking me in different cities

Q: Anything to the fans?

A:” Yes I appreciate everyone giving me so much positivity and already trying to buy tickets for this show, I appreciate you all and I support you all on what you want to do. Ask God to help you , and trust that he will help you through anything ”