Artist Spotlight – Up and coming Texas rapper “Difference” turns heads with new single ‘Get the Work’

LUBBOCK, TX – A bit of melody, a bit of singing, and a blend of thought-provoking lyrics laid down through a laid-back rapping style is the perfect combination that makes up the music being brought to fans by the artists known as Difference.

Coming out of Lubbock, Texas, Difference is a new rapper who is dedicated to bringing a higher-quality of music to the scene. Though he’s young to the professional music scene, his year-plus worth of work has been causing a buzz throughout the South and he’s been getting the attention from some of the bigger names in the game. His newest release, “Get the Work,” has surpassed his other songs very quickly – having already climbed to 30,000 plays on Spotify in just a few short months. It’s a song that he said basically describes his life and the things he encounters around his city on a day-to-day basis.

“The title ‘Get the Work,’ and the chorus of the song, explain how I make all of my money that I use for my music,” Difference said. “It’s a very simple lyric that is straight to the point. I get the work, I flip the work. It’s the simplest strategy for most businessmen. You get plugged in with a low price and you sell that particular commodity for more money. It has a smooth, steady flow and very heavy melody. I think it’s really been sticking in a lot of people’s heads for a while now, and that’s a good sign.”

The song showcases a sound that he said will stand out from others within the hip-hop genre. In fact, that’s why he chose the name Difference when he launched his career professionally.

“I really want to be able to touch people with my lyrics and actually make a difference in their lives through this music,” he said. “When I’m making these songs, I want them to have enough meaning to actually inspire people. I don’t just want to be a mumble rapper putting out random lyrics that are totally irrelevant to society. These first few songs are just to get heads turning, and then I will continue into the more intellectual songs I am talking about.”

That strategy is one piece of a larger marketing plan that includes keeping his image from people for the first few years of his career so as to create intrigue. He wants people to fall in love with his music for his voice and delivery, and eventually when it comes time to release a bigger project – such as a full album – he’ll reveal more of who he is so that people can put a face to a name.

Until that time, “Get the Work” is the single that he’s pushing. He expects that it will continue to gain traction throughout the year leading up to the release of six-song EP that he’s considering releasing at the end of the year.

To listen to Difference’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links:

Spotify: Get The Work
Facebook: differencetheartist
Instagram: @the_1difference
Twitter: @The_1DIFFERENCE