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Artist Spotlight – Keep your eye on 3x Underground Award Nominee Dre GainezZ
Keep you eye on three time Urban Threshold UMA nominated Dre GainezZ.  Cory Gunz, Remy Ma, MIMS, J Cole, Lil Mama, MGK and Nicki Minaj are among the Urban Threshold UMA Alumni who have found various levels of success in the entertainment industry. Dre GainezZ is fast becoming part of the UMA success stories.
Dre and Indygo Yo-Hits redo shoulderDre is one of the headline performers at the Green Carpet Event for the Xlrator Media premier for The Legend of 420, which will take place in Denver Colorado on Saturday September 30th, 2017. This event is hosted by the Millennium Grown Network. 420, which got it’s start in the 1970’s, now refers to the date of April 20th and is celebrated world wide as Cannabis Day. Dre has been working with several organizations in an attempt to legalize medical cannabis in his home state of Oklahoma as well as on a national and international level.
Dre’s current singles, BAE ( Badd ‘an E’rythang) and Chaos, featuring rising songtress and Tishay Award winner Indygo Shai, will be released world wide on September 29th, 2017. Dre is donating a portion of the proceeds from his downloads and live performances to American Medical Refugees (AMR). AMR is compromised of families whose loved ones have severe medical illness that can been effectively treated using cannabis oil. Due to the laws in several states which prohibit the use of medical cannabis, these families have been forced to move to states such as Colorado to receive medical treatment.
The Legend of 420Dre began working with Amy Hilterbran several years ago when Amy asked him to headline a benefit concert in Oklahoma. Amy’s son has been diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome, having more than 40 seizures per day. Oklahoma did not pass a bill to legalize medical cannabis prompting  Amy and her family moved to Colorado. She founded Millennium Grown  and she helped establish AMR. Oklahoma State Question 788 to legalize medical cannabis will be on the November 2018 ballot. Dre GainezZ is one of the leaders on this effort to legalize medical cannabis in Oklahoma, declaring victory this time around.
Other VIP guests including Tommy Chong (Cheech and Chong) Michael Des Barres, Abdullah Saeed and more adding their names to the list everyday. Oklahoma Gubantoral ( former Oklahoma State Senator ) Candidate Constance Johnson will be at the event as well. Dre is working with Senator Johnson in her campaign bid for governor. Senator Johnson would be the first African American elected as Governor of Oklahoma. She is likely the only African American running for governor in the nation. 
XLrator Media is on the verge of explosion. XLrator has released several movie projects, including Jimi, All Is By My Side staring Andre 3000. In addition to The Legend of 420, which will be distributed through Netflix,  XLrator is working with the legendary director Mario Van Peoples on the SyFy how, Superstition.  The cast includes Robinne Lee, W Earl Brown, Demetria McKinney and others. Neflix will air Superstition globally.
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